Collect fund to help the people of Chennai and Cuddalore, affected by the rain in November and flooding thereafter.

Collected Fund $72,000+

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Olcott Mission School
[Short Term Project]

  1. Asha Foundation of St. Louis is an active supporter of the school. Asha Foundation work for kids education in India. (
  2. Olcott Mission is a tamil medium school serving the kids in slum and fishermen kids in Besant Nagar, Chennai.
  3. School also provides mid-day meals, vocational training, counselling sessions
  4. Recent flood, affected the school's infrastructure and current condition is not conducive for conducting classes.
  5. School wants to start 12th grade classes soon as they have to get ready for the exams.

YR Gaitonde Foundation
[Short Term Project]

  1. YR Gaitonde foundation pioneers public health initiatives through the YR Gaitonde Centre for AIDS
  2. This foundation for was referred to Tamil Sangam by the Nalavaazhvu Nanbargal of St.Louis
  3. Polluted and stagnant water are perfect breeding house for bacteria and other germs which can cause dengue and chikungunya etc.YRG Foundation needed water purifying tablets and purifier.
  4. 262 packs of aqua potable were sent. (each pack has 50 tablets and each tablet can purify 20 liters of water) It will purify 262 X 50 X 20 = 262,000 liters of water.
  5. 11 Portable Aqua #3061 PURE electrolytic water purifier for pure drinking water - Each device is useful for purifying 60,000 liters of water

Towards Youth Foundation
[Short Term Project]

  1. Towards Youth Foundation (TYF) is a charitable trust for Empowerment of Youth
  2. TYF volunteers worked to help the people in rural area of Thiruvallur district
  3. TYF used the funds to buy clothes, mosquito nets, mats, personal hygiene items

We Serve Foundation
[Short Term Project]

  1. The Foundation: International ‘We Serve’ Foundation (IWSF), is a Public Charity approved under the US-IRC 501 (C) 3. The Founding Sponsors underwrite the administrative, marketing, fund raising and operational expenses of IWSF, donate funds and provide free services (in-kind) for the IWSF Missions and Projects. IWSF is (i) fully volunteer driven (ii) has no salaried employees as of now (iii) does not use any donated funds for its expenses and (iv) 100 % of the donations are used only for charitable causes as intended.
  2. TAMIL SANGAM of MISSOURI, efforts are underway to dispatch the first 40' FCL with about 25,000 donated books from USA to Chennai Port by the early part of June, 2016. This will help set up about 45 to 50 FREE PUBLIC LIBRARIES (FPL) in many flood affected public schools in TN. Waiting to complete the formalities by the group of Rotary Clubs in Chennai to dispatch the 40' container. This project to set up FPL in the flood affected schools shall benefit about 35,000 to 40,000 students.
  3. Over the past several days, IWSF has been negotiating with the Freight firms to lower the price. (Occasionally we get lucky). This proposal is entirely subject to reducing the cost. IWSF is ready to DOUBLE the savings by matching it dollar for dollar. The combined funds shall be used in setting up (up to 8) Virtual Smart Classrooms (VSC) in the flood affected public schools, benefiting about 2,370+ students each year for several years.
  4. ‘Tamil Sangam of Missouri’, St. Louis, MO, USA and the ‘International ‘We Serve’ Foundation, Inc.’ Lexington, KY, USA plan a sustainable, long-term Flood Relief by donating matching funds to set up eight (8) E-Learning Smart Classrooms in the affected public schools (2,373 enrolled) in Tamil Nadu, India.

Abdulkalam Vision India Movement
[Long Term Project]

  1. Vision: A national movement for realizing the vision of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.
  2. Objectives: Carry forward the vision and missions of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and to work with the students, youth, people and governments at the ground level, we have launched the movement called "Abdulkalam Vision India Movement- A national movement for realizing the vision of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam".
  3. Mission: Provide Sustainable Safe Drinking water to villages.
    1. By channelizing the rainwater harvesting into village ponds and tanks and
    2. Preventing the drainage to enter into ponds/tanks by filtering the drainage into a naturally processed water before entering into lakes and ponds at first stage.
    3. Natural percolation of water into the water table - leads to second level percolation.
    4. This become a perennial water source.
    5. Installing the water bore into the ponds and lakes and pump into the water tank
    6. Do the RO process to get 20,000 litres of processed safe drinking water on a daily basis.

    7. Example :
    8. Govt. Best Panchayat award to Athipatti - a case study for making a sustainable, clean, green village Panchayat.
    9. Mr . Govindarajan provides safe drinking water and transformed the village Panchayat into a sustainable eco Panchayat.
    10. My hearty congratulations to Mr . Govindaraj, Athipatti Panchayat board President, Aruppukkottai for being recommended by TN Govt and going to receive one of the best Panchayat Award in Delhi soon in this month.
    11. He has channeled all the drainage water into a natural RO pit before it percolates to a pond.
    12. Drainage is converted into a natural ROed water with lesser TDS.
    13. It further percolated into village pond. The water in the pond is available all through the year. In and around village pond, he has made 5 bore wells and pumping into a tank.
    14. From the tank, he again does the Scientific RO And generates 20000 litres of safe drinking water everyday and sells it to its own Panchayat people for Rs 5 per pot.
    15. I visited and suggested him to use 2/3Rd waste water from RO which is further natural ROed water and pump it to separate tank to supply the household for toilet and bathing use. Also suggested him to connect the rain water harvesting directly to the village pond instead of individual local household rainwater harvesting pits. In this way sustainable water generation is assured, that means safe drinking water is assured, water for toilet and bathing is assured.
    16. He received the Abdul Kalam SEVA RATNA Award 2015 for Safe Drinking water mission by AKVIM by His Holiness Dalai Lama.

Ramakrishna Math
[Short Term Project]

  1. Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai is the first branch center of the Ramakrishna Order in Southern India. It was started in the year 1897 by Swami Ramakrishnananda, a direct disciple of Sri Ramakrishna. Besides Swami Ramakrishnananda, the Math was visited by Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi, Swami Brahmananda and Swami Shivananda. The motto of the Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission is: For one’s own salvation, and for the welfare of the world.

Our Fundraising Day

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Flood Relief Fundraising

Together We Serve

First phase of fundraising campaign to help the flood victims of Chennai and other places of Tamil Nadu was held recently at Mahatma Gandhi Center hosted by Tamil Sangam of Missouri in alliance with India Association of St. Louis, Telugu Association of St. Louis (TAS), Ohmkaram Association of St. Louis, Dhvani Foundation, Sangeetha Association of St. Louis, Gujarati Samaj, St. Louis Tamil Church, St. Louis Marathi Mandal, Sangama St.Louis Kannada Association, Asha of St. Louis, Asian American Chamber of e-commerce, STLVA Chapter and ACA ( American Cricket Association).

It has been nearly a week since the catastrophic floods brought the life in the beautiful metropolitan city (Singara Chennai) and other parts like Cuddalore and Kanchipuram to a complete halt. The amount of damage caused is unprecedented and many experts suspect that the total impact will run into the tens of millions of dollars. Over 300 people have died and several thousands are stranded and suffered crippling losses from the debacle. People have no access to food, water and very basic amenities and the city needs immediate relief measures it can get.

The objective of our campaign is to help the victims to get back their lost life back by soliciting the funds from generous donors and channelize it to different charity organizations like Abdul Kalam Vision India Movement, Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith, etc. to meet their long and short term goals to expedite the process.

The meeting started at 10 A.M. on Sunday (12/06/2015) with moment of silence observed for those affected by the flood. Hundreds of people turned in to show the support and solidarity to the people back home who have shouldered the heaviest toll, prayed to Almighty to give enough courage to bear the loss and to shower His blessings for the normalcy to return soon. The successful campaign witnessed enthusiastic donors keeping the volunteers at the collection desk busy throughout the time. The Presidents and representatives of the respective organizations participated in the campaign were called upon to the stage to share their views and thoughts about the disaster and the various help we can provide at this tough time. The collected funds were updated and donors were thanked for their support at regular intervals by announcing it in the stage. Videos and Presentations were continuously displayed to show the nature of the disaster. The campaign was generously supported and sponsored by US wide financial, Sun Copies, Seema, Asian Spices, Bombay Bazar and special thanks to Mayuri, Paradise, Anis and Sam's club, snacks, coffee and cookies were available to all attendees throughout the campaign. With the overwhelming response and support from all Indian communities and associations in St. Louis, the organizers of the campaign were able to raise the collection amount towards the flood relief to 60,000$ plus. Lastly the proceeding came to close at 1.00 P.M. after the President of Tamil Sangam of Missouri expressed his gratitude and extended his thanks to all the sponsors, donors and partnering associations who were instrumental in running this successful campaign in short notice. Every beginning has its end but we have taken pledge that our efforts never end until the affected people back home gets the new beginning. Donors who wish to donate and help the flood victims could log on to to make their valuable contributions.

Tamil Sangam of Missouri has responsibility to frequently communicate and Status Update to all St.louis Indian Association Presidents.

We would like to thank the following associations for their generous support.

India Association of St.Louis
Mahatma Gandhi center
Hindu Temple of St.Louis
Tamil Sangam of St.Louis
Telugu Association of St.Louis (TAS)
Ohmkaram Association of St.louis
Dhvani Foundation
Sangeetha Association of St.Louis
St.Louis Tamil Church
St.Louis Marathi Mandal
Sangama St.Louis Kannada Association
Gujarat Samaj of St.Louis
Asha for Education St.Louis
Asian American Chamber of Commerce of St.Louis
STLVA Chapter
Sikh Gurdwara of St.Louis
ACA (American cricket Association)

We would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous support.

Mayuri Indian Restaurant
Paradise Biriyani Pointe
Asian Spices Indian Grocery
Bombay Bazar Indian Grocery
Anis Indian Restaurant
Seema Enterprises
Sun Copies
US Wide Financial
Sams Club


Coordinating Team

team img



team img

Renu Babu


Fund Details

Received Fund

Total donation received so far
(Temple collected donation $7500 is NOT included):
Note: This is the donation amount received from donor including service changes.
Mode Count Total
Cash 44 $2,504
Check 140 $42,472
Credit Card 46 $6,310
ETF 2 $601
PayPal 45 $5,773
YouCaring 43 $4,022
Grand Total 318 $61,682

Released Fund

NGO Name Amount Comments
YR Gatond Foundation $2452.52
Towards Youth Foundation $500.00
Olcott School Foundation $7,039.25
Sri Ramakrishna Math $8,008.48 Includes Temple's 7500$
SRM/Anna University $500.00
WeServe Foundation $9,000.00
Dhvani Foundation $2350.00
Abdulkalam Vision India Movement $40,000.00 Yet to be release
Fund Raising Expenses @ Wisconsin $493.00
Grand Total $70343.25




For any questions or help needed please submit your information.